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4 September 2019

Morphology of Bacteria- Microbiology notes|ICDS Supervisor Kerala PSC

Morphology of Bacteria- Microbiology notes|ICDS Supervisor Kerala PSC

Morphology of Bacteria- Microbiology
Morphology of Bacteria- Microbiology

Morphology of Bacteria 


  • Bacteria come in a great many sizes and several shapes.
  •  Most bacteria range from 0.2 to 2.0 μm in diameter and from 2 to 8 μm in length. (an overall average size of 1 to 10 μm.) 


They have a few basic shapes: 

1. Spherical coccus (plural: cocci, meaning round), 

2. Rod-shaped bacillus (plural: bacilli)
3. Spiral. 



 Cocci are usually round but can be oval or elongated. 

When they divide to reproduce, they remain attached to each other.

 Classification According to Plane of Division:


Those Cocci that remain in pairs after dividing are called diplococci.


 Those cocci that divide and remain attached in chainlike patterns are called streptococci. 


Those cocci that divide into two planes and remain in groups of four are known as tetrads. 


Those cocci that divide in three planes and remain attached in cube like groups of eight are called sarcina.


Those cocci that divide in multiple planes and form grape like clusters or broad sheets are called staphylococci. 


 Bacillus are the rod like bacteria 
e.g. Bacillus anthracis

Single bacillus:
 Most bacilli appear as single rods, called single bacilli. 


Those bacilli which are appear in pairs after division called Diplobacilli 


Those bacilli that found in chains in single plane are called Streptobacilli. 


Bacteria that maintain single shape called monomorphic or the bacteria having same shape. 


Some bacteria can have many shapes known as pleomorphic.

 e.g: Corynebacterium, Pyogenesis. 

-Some bacteria occur in the shape of star e.g. Stella. 
- Some bacteria occur in the shape of rectangle e.g. Haloarcula. 
- Some bacteria also appear triangular in shape.

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