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31 December 2019

Set 1 MCQ for ICDS Supervisor Exam|ICDS Supervisor Kerala PSC

Set 1 MCQ for ICDS Supervisor Exam|ICDS Supervisor Kerala PSC


In this post, 10 MCQ Questions are added which were important for ICDS Supervisor Exam. Kerala PSC and other states PSC's are conducting Exams for ICDS Supervisor. Study materials are available for other topics also like Home ScienceFood and NutritionPsychologyPhysiologyMicrobiologySociology and Nutrition and Health for ICDS Supervisor Kerala PSC Exam

Kerala PSC and other states PSC's are conducting Exams for ICDS Supervisor. ICDS Supervisor Kerala PSC Exam Exam wass on 4 January 2020.

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Set 1 MCQ for ICDS Supervisor Exam

1. The capacity of a given strain of microbial species to produce
disease is known as 
a. Pathogen
b. Virulence
c. Infection
d. None of these
Ans: b

2. The longest segment of the GI tract is 

a. Small intestine
b.Large intestine
Ans: a

3.The approximate surface area of the small intestine is
a.100m2 b.90m2


4. The structure that prevents the reflux of bacteria into small
intestine is

a. Cardiac Sphincter
b.Pyloric Sphincter
c.Ileocecal Valve
d.Circular Muscle


5.The stomach is supplied by 

a. Phrenic Artery
b.Mesenteric Artery
c.Coronary Arteries
d.Gastric Artery

6.Intestine is supplied by

a.Phrenic Artery
b.Mesenteric Artery
c.Coronary Arteries
d.Gastric Artery

Ans: b

7. Deglutition center is situated in

a. Pons
b.Medulla Oblongata

Ans: b

8.The structure that can be seen at the confluence of the common
bile duct and the duodenum, that controls the flow of bile is

a.Cardiac sphincter
b.Pyloric sphincter
ca. ileocecal valve
d. Sphincter of oddi


9. The hormonal regulator that increases the production of bicarbonate-rich pancreatic juice is
a. Gastrin
c. Pepsin
d. Cholecystokinin

Ans: b

10.The hormonal regulator that increases the production of an enzyme
-rich pancreatic secretions is 

a. Gastrin
C. Pepsin
D) cholecystokinin

ans d

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Topic wise Notes for ICDS Supervisor Exam


1.      Home Science

2.      Food and Nutrition

3.      Psychology

4.       Physiology

5.       Microbiology

6.       Sociology 

7.      Nutrition and Health 


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