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1 January 2020

Set 4 MCQ for ICDS Supervisor Exam|ICDS Supervisor Kerala PSC

Set 4 MCQ for ICDS Supervisor Exam|ICDS Supervisor Kerala PSC

Set 4 MCQ for ICDS Supervisor Exam

In this post, 10 MCQ Questions are added which were important for ICDS Supervisor Exam. Kerala PSC and other states PSC's are conducting Exams for ICDS Supervisor. Study materials are available for other topics also like Home ScienceFood and NutritionPsychologyPhysiologyMicrobiologySociology and Nutrition and Health for ICDS Supervisor Kerala PSC Exam

Set 4 MCQ for ICDS Supervisor Exam

41.The class of immunoglobulin, most abundant in body is
Ans: c

42.Which of the following infection(s) can be diagnosed by the use of polymerase chain reaction?

a.HIV infection
b.Hepatitis B
d. All of these
Ans: d

 43. Which of the following is a primary stain for acid-fast staining
of mycobacteria?
a.Crystal violet
b.Carbol fuchsin
d. Methylene blue
Ans: b

44.The primary stain of Gram's method is
c.Crystal violet
d.Methyl red

45. Which of the following articles can be sterilized in an autoclave?
a Gloves
b.Culture media
c.Dressing material
d. All of these
Ans: d

46.Which of the following compounds are commonly used as general antiseptic to treat cuts and cratches?
a. Aldehydes
b.Ethylene oxide
d. None of these
Ans: c

47.Steam exposure of a material at 100°C for 20 minutes for three consecutive days is known as
c.Autoclaving d. None of these
Ans: b

48. Which of the following items could be sterilized by dry heat sterilization?
 a. Intravenous (IV) solution
b.Plastic IV bags
c.Glass pipettes
d.Rubber gloves
Ans: c

49.Hepatocellular carcinoma (Hepatoma) may be caused by
a.Hepatitis A virus
b.Hepatitis C virus
c.Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these
Ans: c

50. Which of the following specimens contains hepatitis B virus in an infected person?
C. Saliva 
D. All of these

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