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22 September 2023

IMPORTANCE OF BREAST MILK|ICDS Supervisor Kerala Study Materials

IMPORTANCE OF BREAST MILK|ICDS Supervisor Kerala Study Materials

 IMPORTANCE OF BREAST MILK|ICDS Supervisor Kerala Study Materials


Breast milk is the best and the only food for the infant for the first few months after birth. 

It contains most of the nutrients the baby needs. 

As soon as possible after birth, the infant should be put to the breast, since sucking

stimulates milk production. 

But before milk is secreted , colostrum is produced by the breast. Colostrum should be

fed to the baby as it is good for growth and general wellbeing.

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During the first few days after child birth a thick, sticky yellowish fluid is secreted from the breast. This fluid is called colostrum. 

Colostrum is very beneficial for the infant, as it has life-saving properties. Colostrum has an especially high concentration of antibodies and white blood cells which protect the newborn from infections.

 It also contains certain growth promoting substances. 

The infant’s body does not contain these substances nor does the body have the capacity to make them. 

These substances must be obtained from colostrum.

 Hence it is essential that the infant is breast-feed right from day one.

Breast milk is secreted from the third or fourth day onwards. 

It is the most nutritious and balanced food. It supplies most of the nutrients needed by the infant, in the correct amounts and proportions. 

Table gives a comparative list of nutrients present in various milks/100 ml.

comparative  list of nutrients present in various milks/100 ml.

Compare the nutrient composition of human milk with that of other milk given in above Table. 

Breast milk does have a low concentration of certain nutrients as compared to other animal milks (i.e., cow’s, buffalo’s, goat’s). 

So, how do we say that breast milk is nutritionally adequate? 

We say so because the amount and proportion of nutrients present in breast milk is ideal for supporting the growth of the infant. 

All nutrients are present in just the amounts required by the baby. 

A high protein and mineral content as seen in buffalo’s, cow’s milk is not good for the baby as it imposes a great strain on the excretory capacity of the infants immature kidneys.

 Breast milk, on the other hand, suits the baby’s tender digestive system and it gets easily assimilated in the body. Breast milk, however, has a high content of carbohydrates (specially lactose), essential fatty acids and certain protective nutrients like vitamin A, and vitamin E which are beneficial for the infant.

Besides nutritional adequacy, breast milk has other advantages as well which are listed in Figure below:


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