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23 January 2020

English Grammar Previous Questions LDC-Kerala PSC

English Grammar Previous Questions LDC-Kerala PSC

1.     One word for a collection of ships

a.     Pack

b.     Cluster

c.      Fleet

d.     Group

Choose the words nearest in meaning of the underlined words for questions

2.     Our college is within a stones' throw from here

a.     Very far off

b.     At a very short distance

c.      Two and a half miles away

d.     None of the above

3.     He took to heart the death of his sister

a.     Was unmoved by

b.     Was ignorant about

c.      Learned about

d.     Was deeply affected by

4.     I feel  ------------------ about what happened

a.     Worse

b.     Bad

c.      Worst

d.     None of the above

5.     What is a person called when he is recovering from an illness?

a.     Ignoramus

b.     Convalescent

c.      Epidemic

d.     Arrogant

6.     I say my prayers ------------ I sleep.

a.     While

b.     After

c.      When

d.     Before

7.     The higher you climb a Himalayan Peak -------------------- you feel.

a.     The most cold

b.     The colder

c.      Colder

d.     More cold

8.     The workers were full of applause for the new policy of the management.

a.     Approval

b.     Adulation

c.      Praise

d.     Eulogy

9.     Sonu is an inveterate liar.

a.     Effective

b.     Habitual

c.      Frequent

d.     Familiar

10.   I watch television ……………….. I have nothing to do

a.     When

b.     Where

c.      Then

d.     Now

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