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6 December 2020

Kerala PSC Degree Level Exam Question paper-

 Kerala PSC Degree Level Exam Question paper-


 Kerala PSC Degree Level Exam Question paper

Kerala PSC Conducts Degree level PSC Exams in English Medium. Total 100 questions, 1 marks each. 1/3 marks deducted for each wrong ans. Ten Main topics  are there. To read the Syllabus, and Download Degree level Kerala PSC Exam Syllabus, Click HERE

1. MALADY means:

(a) illness (b) calamity

(c) music (d) misfortune

2. Each of the students ……. done well.

(a) are (b) have

(c) were (d) has

3. I hurt ……..

(a) himself (b) myself

(c) yourself (d) yourselves

4. A person who treats mental diseases is


(a) Physicist (b) Cardiologist

(c) Psychologist (d) Psychiatrist

5. When the father retired , the son ……..

the business.

(a) took after (b) took over

(c) taken to (d) took in

6. He shouted…. her at the top of his

voice but she did not hear and went on:

(a) to (b) at

(c) for (d) against

7. ‘Still water’ means:

(a) Deep water (b) Shallow water

(c) Water with waves (d) Undisturbed


8. Children below the age of 12 can be

tried only by the …… court.

(a) High (b) Supreme

(c) District (d) Juvenile

9. You would look better if :

(a) you cut your hair

(b) you are cutting your hair

(c) you will cut your hair

(d) you would have cut your hair

10. …….. December 2004 there were many

natural calamities.

(a) On (b) At

(c) In (d) The

11. Mr. Basu soon ……. himself as a great


(a) relinquished (b) distinguished

(c) expunged (d) extinguished

12. The man is …… enough to help the


(a) beneficent (b) beneficial

(c) benefit (d) benefactor

13. The nation ……. every man to do his


(a) is expecting (b) accepts

(c) excepts (d) expects

14. The comparative of ‘Young’:

(a) Youthful (b) Youngster

(c) Younger (d) Youngest

15. The …….. action of the visitor made

the dog to jump upon him.

(a) provoke (b) provocation

(c) provocative (d) provoking

16. There is ….. hourly bus from here to

the capital:

(a) the (b) an

(c) every (d) a

17. You don’t love your wife, …….?

(a) W on’t you (b) Don’t you

(c) Do you (d) Will you

18. Every morning father …… the dog for a


(a) takes (b) took

(c) taken (d) taking

19. The opposite of ‘Detrimental’ is:

(a) Cheat (b) Cheap

(c) Delude (d) Helpful

20. He …….. , if you had called him:

(a) will come (b) would come

(c) would have come (d) should come

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21. Which country is not the part of Indian


(a) Myanmar (b) Bangladesh

(c) Nepal (d) Bhutan

22. The Oldest rocks in India:

(a) Himalayas (b) Aravallis

(c) Karakoram (d) Shiwalik

23. Ahmedabad is in the banks of:

(a) Ganga (b) Sabarmathi

(c) Yamuna (d) Indus

24. The Simhachalam Temple is dedicated


(a) Rama (b) Narasimha

(c) Krishna (d) Brahma

25. “ Unity and Discipline’ is the motto of:

(a) NCC (b) Indian Army

(c) Coastguard (d) CRPF

26. Which is the largest state owned bank in


(a) Punjab National Bank

(b) Allahabad Bank

(c) State Bank of India

(d) Canara Bank

27. Territorial Army was raised in:

(a) 1949. (b) 1948

(c) 1962 (d) 1965

28. Lalith Kala Academy was established in:

(a) 1954 (b) 1955

(c) 1956 (d) 1957

29 The largest agro based industry in


(a) Cotton textiles (b) Sugar

(c) Silk (d) Jute

30 Biju Patnaik airport is at:

(a) Cuttack (b) Puri

(c) Bhuvaneswar (d) Sambalpur

31. The most important type of soil in India:

(a) Alluvial (b) Red soil

(c) Laterite soil (d) Desert soil

32. The system of ombudsman was

originated in:

(a) Switzerland (b) Syria

(c) Sweden (d) China

33. Playground of Europe:

(a) Belgium (b) Switzerland

(c) France (d) Britain

34. Riksdag is the parliament of:

(a) Sweden (b) Portugal

(c) Hungary (d) Iceland

35. Which is not correctly matched?

(a) Israel- Senate (b) DenmarkFolketing (c) Sri LankaParliament (d) Norway- Storting

36. General Franco was the dictator of :

(a) Romania (b) Spain

(c) Italy (d) Germany

37. The only planet with the name of female

Roman mythological charecter:

(a) Earth (b) Venus

(c) Jupiter (d) Neptune

38. Excretory organ of Amoeba:

(a) Kidney (b) Malpigean tubes

(c) Contractive vacoule

(d) Nephridia

39. Blood of Snail is ...... in colour:

 (a) Red (b) Blue

(c) Green (d) Yellow

40. The tendency of plants to grow towards

the direction of gravitational force:

(a) Geotropism (b) Phototropism

(c) Chemotropism(d) None of these

41. The rate of photosynthesis is highest in

..... light:

(a) Yellow (b) Blue

(c) Green (d) Red

42. Wax is soluble in:

(a) Benzene (b) Water

(c) Alcohol (d) Iodine

43. Acid contained in onion:

(a) Oxalic acid (b) Citric acid

(c) Malic acid (d) Prussic acid

44. Element obtained from sea weeds:

(a) Chlorine (b) Calcium

(c) Iodine (d) Magnisium

45. ‘SIM Card’ related to:

(a) Bank (b) Mobile phone

(c) Artificial satellite (d) Black box

46. In which country Three Mile Island

nuclear disaster was occurred in 1979?

(a) USA (b) UK

(c) Ukraine (d) China

47. China was officially declared republic in:

(a) 1912 (b) 1913

(c) 1914 (d) 1915

48. The first country to win the world cup

cricket thrice:

(a) W est Indies (b) Pakistan

(c) England (d) Australia

49. The first team to win Santosh trophy:

(a) Bengal (b) Kerala

(c) Karnataka (d) Tamil Nadu

50. Which is known as the sorrow of


(a) Kosi (b) Damodar

(c) Mahanadi (d) Brahmaputra

51. Which organisation was founded by

Henri Dunant?

(a) Amnesty International

(b) Boy Scouts (c) Lions Club

(d) Red Cross

52. The first to get two booker prizes:

(a) Salman Rushdie (b) Peter Carey

(c) Ben Okri (d) JM Coetzee

53. “We have to now fight for peace with

the same courage and determination as

we fought against aggression”

(a) FD Roosevelt (b) Jawaharlal Nehru

(c) Lal Bahadur Shastri

(d) Indira Gandhi

54. Who wrote ‘Pritvirajaraso’?

(a) Chandbardai (b) Faizi

(c) Tulsidas (d) Surdas

55.Abdul Rahman Tunku was the first prime

minister of:

(a) Malaysia (b) Singapore

(c) Brunei (d) Indonesia

56. Name of which Indus valley site means

‘black bangles’?

(a) Harappa (b) Dholavira

(c) Kalibangan (d) Banawali

57. The founder of Chola empire:

(a) Simhavishnu (b) Vijayalaya

(c) Harihara (d) Simuka

58. Who was the Viceroy when Indian

National Congress was formed in


(a) Dufferin (b) Reading

(c) Mayo (d) Curzon

59. Whom Gandhiji called ‘the great


(a) Rajendraprasad

(b) Subhas Chandra Bose

(c) Rabindranath Tagore

(d) Nehru

60. The year of foundation of Muslim


(a) 1903 (b) 1904

(c) 1907 (d) 1906

61. The Indian president who translated

‘The Republic’ of Plato:

(a) VV Giri

(b) Zakkir Hussain

(c) S Radhakrishnan

(d) Rajendraprasad

62. The first to become the prime minister

of India while he/she was a member of

Rajya Sabha:

(a) Lal Bahadur Shastri(b) Indira Gandhi

(c) Rajiv Gandhi (d) PV Narasimha


63. The budget is presented in the Lok

Sabha by the Finance Minister in the

name of the ......of India.

(a) President (b) Prime Minister

(c) RBI Governor (d) Speaker

64. The Winter session of Lok Sabha

begins in the month of:

(a) September (b) October

(c) November (d) December

65. Motions of no confidence against the

government can only be introduced and

passed in the......

(a) Lok Sabha (b) Rajya Sabha

(c) Either House (d) None of these

66. The number of schedules in the

Constitution of India when it was

brought into force:

(a) 12 (b) 10

(c) 9 (d) 8

 Kerala PSC Degree Level Exam Question paper-

67. The Indian who headed a new sect ‘The

Order of the Star of the East” at the age

of 20:

(a) Rajaneesh (b) Jiddu

Krishnamurthy (c) Shri Shri

Ravisankar (d) Chinmayananda

68. Kublai Khan was the emperor of:

(a) Russia (b) Egypt

(c) China (d) Persia

69. The nationality of Akiro Kurasova, the

world famous film maker:

(a) France (b) Russia

(c) Japan (d) China

70. Number of members in the first ministry

of Kerala including Chief Minister:

(a) 12 (b) 11

(c) 13 (d) 10

71. In which river Chenkulam hydel project

is built?

(a) Pamba (b) Kallada

(c) Vamaanapuram river

(d) Muthirappuzha

72. ‘The Vrindavan of Kerala’:

(a) Malampuzha Garden

(b) Napier Museum

(c) Neyyar Dam (d) Munnar

73. The taluk in Kerala with the longest


(a)    Kollam (b) Kozhikode

The annual festival of which temple is

known as ‘Bharani’?

(a) Guruvayur (b) Ambalappuzha

(c) Kodungallur (d) Sabarimala

75.The first Malayali woman to become

Governor of an Indian State:

(a) Fatima Beevi (b) KK Usha

(c)Anna Chandy (d) Mary Punnan

76.The first Indian woman to become grand

master in Chess:

(a) Koneru Humpy(b) Dronavally Harika

(c) Divyendu Barua (d) Saiha Nehwal

77. Chittagong is the main port of:?

(a) Sri Lanka (b) Bangladesh

(c) Maldives (d) Nepal

78. Longest served member of Kerala

Legislative Assembly?

(a) KM Mani (b) GR Gowri

(c) Oommen Chandy (d) PJ Joseph

79. The 193rd member of UNO:

(a) Montenegro (b) South Sudan

(c) Kosovo (d) East Timor

80. The largest Scandinavian country:

(a) Norway (b) Denmark

(c) Sweden (d) None of these

81. The average of three numbers is 20. If

two numbers are 16 and 22, the third is:

(a) 20 (b) 22

(c) 18 (d) 19

82. Five years ago I was thrice as old as

my son and ten years later I shall be

twice as old as my son. How old are we


(a) 30 & 40 (b) 50 &20

(c) 40& 15 (d) 35 & 15

83. Raju is shorter than Gopi but taller than

Rahim who is taller than Meena. Who is

the shortest of the four?

(a) Gopi (b) Raju

(c) Rahim (d) Meena

84. In certain code FHQK means GIRL.

How WOMEN will be written in the

same code?

(a) V N L D M (b) FHQKN


85. 12.5% of 80:

(a) 8 (b) 10

(c) 20 (d) 40

86. Choose the odd one:

(a) Goldsmith (b) Blacksmith

(c) Carpenter (d) Sailor

87. Three-fifth of one-fourth of a number is

18. What is the number?

(a) 140 (b) 120

(c) 160 (d) 90

88. A mother always has:

(a) Father (b) Beauty

(c) Child (d) Husband

89. Select the odd one:

(a) Bullet (b) Rifle

(c) Pistol (d) Gun

90. Three times of an unknown numbers

are one less than 40. What is the

unknown number?

(a) 15 (b) 13

(c) 12 (d) 14

91. Ship: Water :: Train:?

(a) Path (b) Road

(c) Passenger (d) Track

92. If 75% of a number is added to 75 the

result is the number itself, then the

number is:

(a) 250 (b) 750

(c) 400 (d) 300

93. By selling a fan for Rs.475, a person

loses 5%. To get a gain of 5% he

should sell the fan for:

(a) Rs.500 (b) Rs.525

(c) Rs.535 (d) Rs.575

94. Select the choice with similar

relationship- Exit:Enter

(a) Notorious: Famous

(b) Go: Depart

(c) Money: Buy (d) Peace: Nation

95. Forest: Tree:: Crowd:?

(a) Riot (b) Mob

(c) Fire (d) Person

96. F,K,P,?

(a) T (b) U

(c) V (d) Q

97. Select the odd one:

(a) Land (b) Lake

(c) Sea (d) River

98. As Fox is related to Cunning, Rabbit is

related to:

(a) Timid (b) Courageous

(c) Bold (d) Skilful

99. Find out the odd one:

(a) May (b) June

(c) July (d) August

100. Select the odd one:

(a) Juice (b) Cheese

(c) Butter (d) Curd


1 (a) 2(d) 3 (b) 4 (d) 5(b) 6(b) 7(d) 8(d) 9(a)

10(c) 11(b) 12(a) 13(d) 14(c) 15(c) 16(b)

17(c) 18(a) 19(d) 20(c) 21(a) 22(b) 23(b)

24(b) 25(a) 26(c) 27(a) 28(a) 29(a) 30 (c)

31 (a) 32(c) 33(b) 34(a) 35(a) 36(b) 37(b)38(c)

39(b)40 (a) 41(d) 42(a) 43(a) 44(c) 45( b)

46(a) 47(a) 48(d) 49(a) 50 (b) 51(d) 52(d)

53(c) 54(a) 55(a) 56(c) 57(b) 58(a) 59(c)60(d)

61(b)62(b) 63 (a) 64(c) 65 (a) 66 (d) 67 (b)

68(c) 69 (c) 70 (b) 71(d) 72(a) 73(c)

74(c)75(a)76(a) 77(b) 78 (a) 79 (b) 80 (c)

81 (b) 82(b) 83 (d) 84 (a) 85(b) 86(d) 87(b)

88(c) 89(a) 90(b) 91(d) 92(d) 93(b) 94(a)

95(d) 96(b) 97(a) 98(a) 99(b) 100(a)

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